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About Us

Tru Tax & Accounting Solutions's mission is your satisfaction, with our number one policy of being true to our clients with exceptional customer service and true affordable fees.

Our team has over twelve years of experience and is dedicated to giving you focused individual attention, and making your tax situation unique and satisfactory.

The team at Tru Tax & Accounting Solutions also specializes in Small Business Taxes, Credit Counseling & Restoration, and Debt Resolution. We’ve helped thousands of individuals, families, and small businesses by educating them and giving them the tools needed to overcome complex tax & credit issues.

Tru Tax & Accounting Solution's Tax Professionals’ core competency is to stay on top of the latest tax news and regulations that affect you. The goal of this firm is to make your tax experience affordable and memorable, finding all possible deductions and credits, which in turn will maximize your refund. As a cutting edge tax firm, we offer convenience and mobility to all our customers.